ILIAS Training

The appropriate training for each ILIAS user group

Choose one of our standard trainings, or have us tailor the course content according to your needs.

We train your ILIAS administrators and your local support, your instructors or referents. We even train your ILIAS software developers so that they can ensure that everything runs smoothly and ILIAS operates at its best in your organisation.

1. ILIAS Training for ILIAS administrators and ILIAS supporter

The ILIAS administrators and the local support ensure that your ILIAS installation runs smoothly. We make sure that they can do their job competently.

Your benefit

Your ILIAS employees know the individual tools of ILIAS, and they can answer the users’ questions competently and efficiently. Furthermore, the persons in charge of your ILIAS are able to configure the learning platform ILIAS independently and in accordance with your requirements.

Our offer

We carry out the training on your premises. If you wish so, the training can be individually tailored to your needs.

In the following document, you will find details about the training courses for persons in charge of the ILIAS installation:

2. ILIAS training for lecturers

We train your lecturers and enable them to use the learning platform ILIAS competently and to make the best use of the LMS in their lecturing practice.

Your benefit

Your lecturers know the individual tools of ILIAS. They can use the ILIAS functions for their lectures and integrate the tools didactically into the everyday reality of a classroom.

Our offer

We hold the training on your premises. If you wish, the training can be adapted according to your needs.

In the following document, you will find details on the training opportunities for ILIAS-lecturers:

3. ILIAS training for software developers

We train your ILIAS developers so that they can arrange, foster, and ensure the optimal use of ILIAS.

Your benefit

Your ILIAS developers can install an ILIAS development environment. They can further develop the features locally needed; be it interfaces to other systems or ILIAS extensions in the form of plugins.

Our offer

Training sessions: The training takes place as a one-week block event.

Location: studer + raimann ag, CH-3400 Burgdorf. On-site training is also available. Travel and hotel charges are charged additionally.

Training period: 4 days (including independent work)

Participants: maximum 3 participants

Material: The participants use their own developer laptop, preferably with Mac OSx or Ubuntu Linux. Please contact us if you are working with another operating system.

Preparation: Acquisition of PHPStorm licenses by participants

In the following document, you will find details about the training courses for ILIAS developers:

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