Open Source Apps

Open Source Apps are on the rise

Studer-raimann ag is also developing tailor-made apps, along with extensions and adjustments to ILIAS installations. In order to give students an mobile experience, an ILIAS app has been developed in cooperation with theUniversity of Freiburg. We call it ILIAS Pegasus and the goal is to make learning materials available even without a stable internet connection.Students can use iPads, Android tablets or smartphones to read lecture materials such as PDFs or presentations directly on their device. And best of all, other institutions can also join the Pegasus app and enrich their users with offline functionality! For more information, please visit: or contact us directly at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Another app project was realized in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim: The Learning Venues App („Lernorte“). Its aim is to enable location-based learning. The location of the user is determined by GPS. As soon as a user moves into the vicinity of a place of learning (eg a gate of a castle), locally relevant information is displayed (eg year of construction and inscriptions of the gate). As the University of Hohenheim also participates in the new Pegasus App, the „Lernorte“ functions will also be included in the Pegasus App (planned release Spring 2018).

In addition to this app project, the cooperation of the studer-raimman ag and the University of Hoheneheim also fruited in another app. The university app of Hohenheim. Here students of the University of Hohenheim find everything about their university and their studies: cafeteria, seminar rooms, etc. Learn more about the university app in the case study.
Our apps are all free, usable on Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad), are implemented with the open source framework Ionic and are published on GitHub. Our apps are 100% open source - so you can view our code and develop based on it.